08 April 2011


i've been keeping three separate blogs for a while now (travels, photos, 'intelligent thoughts') and it's getting ridiculous since i hardly post in any of them anyway and they are all parts of me.  and especially since my travel blog is half photo blog and my photo blog will inevitably just become reposted images from my travel blog.

ANYWAY the point is i decided to merge all three so i could just be one person with one blog and no pressure to have it be successful.  it'll just be my blog of my life.

all of the posts from this and the other now live in the archives of edgar's adventures, which you are welcome to follow if you are still interested in my thoughts and my life and my images and my various projections into the abyss.  this particular blog will probably be deleted at some point.  see you on the other side?

EDIT: jk everyone.  i decided to move everything back to this blog (a pure open awareness/juliamarisa) partly because it has more followers (#narcissism) but also because it has the most personal url (my name) and was my original blog (dating back to my style blogging days, though those posts have been deleted).  i will probably be redesigning the little darling and possibly renaming (but maybe not) in the next few weeks.  but just so you know, this blog will now be photos, travels, thoughts, and life.  no pressure, just me.  i will delete edgar's adventures and better consciousness probably right now.

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