03 February 2011

mary-kate and ashley were here.

OK, so my entire time in London was spent obsessing over Winning London, Doctor Who, and
Harry Potter.  I also went to Fleet Street since Catherine loves Sweeney Todd so much.

Edgar at London Bridge.  We did not cross for fear of its falling down.

I tried to make my pictures of the Tower Bridge look really ominous slash Victorian.  Edgar has trouble looking ominous because he's just so darn cute.  I also really like him because he fits just in my hand.  The Tower of London was a ridiculously long walk from my hostel, but I couldn't really figure out the underground as it is slightly different from the DC metro.

These are the outer gates to the tower complex.  It would have cost almost £20 to go inside, so I just wandered the perimeter and learned some of its history from the info signs posted around.  Actually I should say read some of its history rather than learned because all I can really remember is that there used to be a moat where that grass is and the king(s) kept a menagerie of exotic animals inside to further deter enemies until it became impractical and they were all moved to the zoo.  The polar bear was allowed to swim in the Thames on a long leash to catch fish.

Edgar on the Thames!!  I actually don't know if the public is allowed access to the banks, but I happened upon a set of steps leading down so down I went.

One of the things I like most about London is how accommodating it is to difference.  Well, some of these things apply to all of England, like how the money is all different shapes and sizes so the blind can tell how much they're handing over.  And they paint at all the crosswalks to tell you which way to look for oncoming traffic.  The most helpful bit was that all around the city they have these maps of the surrounding area with circles showing 5 min walk and 15 min walk distances and all the major buildings and things are marked.  Every so often I'd be able to check I was going the right way and I was able to find a lot of things I wouldn't have otherwise like Tottenham Court Road.  There isn't anything like that in New York.

Oh, I also went to the Tate Modern and crossed Millennium Bridge to get there.  Some of you will remember it being destroyed by death eaters.  I was wary the entire crossing.


PS I still haven't asked anyone specifically about the word 'cheers,' but so far I've noted it to mean hello, goodbye, and thanks.

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