21 July 2010

a very merry unbirthday! to you!

Yes, you!  But not me!  Because its my birthday!  I'm 20!  It's weird.

Well this year I decided to make some new years resolutions that I'll hopefully hold on to throughout my 20s.  I'm ready to start a new chapter in my life.  And, I mean, what relevance does January 1st really have for any of us?  And it falls right in the middle of the school year.  Hardly a good time for a fresh start!  But now: I'm entering a new decade in my life; I'm going to a new school next semester in a new place; I'm adding a women's and gender studies major; I'm newly vegan.  Time for changes.

These resolutions are more open ended so if I don't do them one day or even for a whole month I don't feel defeated (I actually got this idea from Style Magnet who doesn't blog at that site anymore, but I've cut way back on my style blog reading anyway).

Resolutions are:
-Read more.  And good books, too.  Not just stuff for funsies like PLLs.  But funsies are allowed.
-Move my body more.  See last post.
-Stay vegan.
-Be proactive.  This applies to everything from my art to my studies to my potential future career.
-Be open.  To whatever.

I hope everyone out there is enjoying their unbirthdays!

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