07 December 2009

the women

my photography class this semester required that we create a book with some sort of visual narrative.  this is mine.  the original idea had to do with the regression of women after world war two back into their traditional roles after a stint as the backbone of society.  i wanted to show that by starting with glamour and moving through housewives, normal good girls, women who break a few rules down to pure rebelliousness.  i hope it reads that way.


  1. I also really like this series, and the ideas behind it. I've always had some problems with the 50s, or with how many people idealize the style and beauty of the 50s, because it really was a regression. I particularly like your photo of the lady making bread.

  2. these photos are great. i especially love the one of the woman on the picnic rug, combing her fringe.
    i love the idea!


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